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  • Anti-inflammatory drugs...side effects
    NSAIDs, or non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, are medications commonly used to treat headaches, arthritis, sports injuries, and sometimes allergies.  They are also used to avoid and inhibit blood clots and prevent strokes Read more
  • Osteoporosis
    Simple care for osteoporosis This is one of the easiest diseases to prevent!  Follow these steps to make sure you never have to deal with this nasty, ugly, potentially Read more
  • "Deadly" Swine Flu??
    OK, I've had it!  I have gotten so sick and tired of the media frenzy surrounding this "deadly" swine flu bug that I've now got to straighten it out and Read more
  • Your income and your health?
    A research project came across my desk today which I found fascinating.  It was a survey that revealed financial fitness was more important than physical fitness among young people.  It's Read more
  • Maintenance!!
    The past year or so has been quite a ride!  The gloom and doom naysayers are as prevalent as ever.  Today, I see where the media has said that the polar Read more
  • 1-13-09
    Well, here it is, my first blog!  On this first blog of information, I am going to give everyone a dose of my fitness medicine.  First off, our Diet and Read more
  • get in shape!!
    How many of you are trying to slim up your figure and lose some weight since the holidays?  Here is a quick run down of points to remember to get Read more
  • How to Build Lean Muscle Mass!
    Anyone want to learn how to get rid of unsightly fat and build more lean muscle?  There is a way to do this without compromising your diet very much.  Ladies, Read more
  • A Hobby That Leads to a Longer Life
    An article was given to me by a patient around 4 weeks ago, and it's quite relevant for springtime.  It was on gardening.  Gardening is a really neat way to stay healthy, Read more
  • Congratulations to the Raffle Winners
    On Thursday, June 18, 2009 we held an Open House at the clinic with a safety theme in observance of June being National Safety Month.  I am pleased to report Read more
  • Independence Day and Healthcare Reform
    Happy July 4th!  I approach Independence Day with the knowledge that our forefathers and mothers created a nation independent of thought and deed that even with our collective faults doesn't Read more
  • Children and Backpacks!
    It's back to school time and to make sure my younger patients are protecting their skeletons, here are a few lines about how to choose backpacks.  These guidelines will help protect our children's skeletons:1.  MAKE SURE THAT Read more
  • Stomach health!
    Did you know that stomach medications are the most prescribed drugs in the USA?  That fact says alot about how we take care of our digestive tracts, especially our stomachs.  Read on to find out more Read more
  • Juvenile Diabetes
    I received something today that made me a bit sad.  I had a friend of mine lately who died from the complications of diabetes and today I received a request Read more
  • Flu Prevention!! Good stuff here!!
    One of my patients sent me some information on flu prevention.  It's some really good information that needs to be shared with the rest of my patients, especially since I Read more
  • Whiplash Symposium in Atlanta!
    I returned from the seminar in Atlanta Sunday night!  It was one of the best seminars I have attended in the past ten years.  Many of you know that neck injuries Read more


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  • "He has earned the respect I have for him and his professional stance! He is an excellent chiropractor! He is educated and confident, yet he knows he is not God! I have seen first hand how he takes his education further than most chiropractors do!"
    Leslie Gei - 2009-03-13 18:06:36